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"A team is a group of people who go out of their way to make each other look good."  Bob Ferrell

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• Complete Computer Diagnostics • Complete Safety Analysis • Drivability Problems • Tune-ups • Oil Changes • Tires • Brake repair specialists • Mufflers and Exhaust Systems • Steering and Suspensions • Alignments • Fuel System Services • Coolant Systems • Air Conditioning Service • Electrical Systems • Engine Work • Rhode Island State Inspections


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G. Masiello

Wednesday, 24-Aug-2016, Elite

A+ Experience


Wednesday, 24-Aug-2016, Elite

Great Service!  Thank you :)

J. Lynch

Friday, 19-Aug-2016, Elite

In a word: Perfect!

C. Pensa

Tuesday, 16-Aug-2016, Elite

Elite Auto is the best in the area. Everyone knows how to diagnose any problem and fix it. They are all professional and extremely courteous.

D. Losek

Friday, 12-Aug-2016, Elite



Friday, 12-Aug-2016, Elite

Elite is one of the few businesses I recommend. They provide dealer-level service without the super-high fees. One way they do this is by giving you a ride when your car is in for service instead of giving you a loaner, but you're paying for that "free" loaner at a dealer, obviously. The staff is very friendly and professional, a combination that has all but disappeared in the US, and they know what they're doing too. They also point out things that need your attention, which means they inspect your car without you having to ask them to. That's what we're all looking for from the people we're trusting to take care of our cars. 

H. Anthony

Friday, 05-Aug-2016, Elite

As always the entire staff of Elite Auto pitched in to get my car up and running after the fiasco with my battery repeatedly going dead. Thanks Bob for all you did to get it fixed quickly. Many thanks to the mechanic or mechanics that worked on my car; many thanks to our drivers, Carly and Joe and to those that cleaned and polished it so that it was returned to me in pristine condition. 

D. Baud

Sunday, 31-Jul-2016, Elite

Service schedule was very good , communication very good (car needed additional work and this was communicated to me quickly with a cost for the work) Good system in place.

L. Hughes

Saturday, 30-Jul-2016, Elite

I have always found the team at Elite to be responsive, efficient,knowledgeable and fair,that's why I keep going back! Keep up the good work! 

T. Altieri

Friday, 29-Jul-2016, Elite

Courteous and professional!

E. Roberts

Thursday, 14-Jul-2016, Elite

Friendly and caring people. Very satisfied with the service done on my csr. I plan to continue bringing my car here whenever service is needed. 


Sunday, 03-Jul-2016, Elite

Had a great experience. Bobby reviewed everything with me and I felt treated me fairly. Will continue to go to Elite.

S. Lake

Saturday, 02-Jul-2016, Elite

Excellent. I wouldn't go any where else to have work done on my car. Not

only is their work the highest quality, but everyone who works there treats

you like a celebrity. The best experience. Love that place!

N. Tobin

Saturday, 02-Jul-2016, Elite

No other company will ever service my vehicles!

G. Masiello

Saturday, 18-Jun-2016, Elite



Wednesday, 15-Jun-2016, Elite

Punctual and complete.  Always friendly and competent service.

C. Portino

Wednesday, 08-Jun-2016, Elite

I was, as usual, very pleased with the service I received. An emergency

made me a little late for my appointment. They took me anyhow and while I

was there did an inspection since I had not noticed that my inspection had


R. Verde

Tuesday, 07-Jun-2016, Elite

Trustworthy with my BMW!

A. Roy

Saturday, 28-May-2016, Elite

I am a regular customer and always have a pleasant experience at Elite.

Everyone is always courteous and I never had a bad experience. Highly


D. Losek

Wednesday, 25-May-2016, Elite

Excellence as usual!

K. Briggs

Tuesday, 24-May-2016, Elite

Consistent, courteous service!

H. Anthony

Thursday, 19-May-2016, Elite

As always you provide excellent service not only in repairs but also for the

courtesy extended to everyone. You and your staff always make me feel

special and that my needs are most important to you. Again thank you to all

from an extremely satisfied customer.!!!

A. Caressimo

Monday, 16-May-2016, Elite

I was very pleased with the service I received from Elite Auto Repair. Each

employee I spoke with was friendly and I received quick service at a price

lower than other shops. I recommend that anyone shopping around in the

Warwick area for car repairs check with Elite before making a decision. I

also would not waste your time going to the Monro shop down the road

unless you're willing to pay substantially more for the same repair.


Sunday, 15-May-2016, Elite

Can rely on Elite to keep my vintage cars running!


Friday, 13-May-2016, Elite

Honest service, well done and fairly priced.

C. Pensa

Thursday, 12-May-2016, Elite

As usual, excellent and very thorough service.  Elite Auto Repair is the best!


Wednesday, 27-Apr-2016, Elite

Thank you, Bobby for adjusting your schedule to my constraints..

P. Durfee

Saturday, 16-Apr-2016, Elite

Convenient location at the end of Route 37.  Friendly people  Quality work.  They have the car ready when they promise the car will be ready.  A great place to have your car serviced.

M. Humbyrd

Friday, 15-Apr-2016, Elite

On time and washed!

C. Hottenrott

Wednesday, 13-Apr-2016, Elite

I got an appointment quickly, they were ready for my car when I arrived, and

the work was done quickly and thoroughly at a very reasonable price.

V. Passananti

Friday, 08-Apr-2016, Elite

Service is excellent and I am glad to be your customer going forward.


Wednesday, 06-Apr-2016, Elite

Although I only requested an oil change, Elite went above and beyond

washing and vacuuming my truck. They even informed me that my battery

tested low and may need to be replaced in the near future.

J. Belisle (AAA Customer)

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

Love this place! Courteous staff, excellent work! Not enough space on this card for all the good stuff they do! Highly recommend. 

B. Brown

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

This place is the best! They are knowledgeable, more than fair on charges and helpful. I’m so glad I found them!

C. Losek

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

Great work Great people! 

L. Paola

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

Overall experience was a relief and pleasurable. Thank you.   

J. Nermoe

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

 The guys were all very helpful. Nice and accommodating. We will be back and we will tell our friends.

T. E. Hazelhurst

Saturday, 02-Apr-2016, Rhode Island

Exceptional service! 

R. Butler

Thursday, 31-Mar-2016, Elite

Today I enjoyed a typical service appointment at Elite Auto Repair. I was

warmly greeted upon entering the shop, and the car was taken in for service

in a timely fashion. The owner personally inquired about me & the car, and

was genuinely interested that I was receiving proper attention. The work

ordered was done in good time, and was fairly priced. The mechanic

checked the air filters as he saw that I had replaced the cabin air filter

myself....and then left the discarded filter in the engine compartment while

intending to replace the air intake filter. I had become distracted & never did

change that filter & closed the engine compartment with the old cabin filter

under the hood. Silly me! He also reinstalled the under engine shield where

we had an altercation with a loose curb stop. There was no additional

charge for that service. We have received above average service at this

shop for years, and have always been pleased to have our work done here..

L. Payne

Wednesday, 30-Mar-2016, Elite

Didn't even have an appointment but noticed my inspection sticker expired

in February. Called and Ruth told me to come right in and she would take

care of it. Gotta love the kind friendly efficient service.Thank you.

M. Lehman

Monday, 21-Mar-2016, Elite

So happy to have found Bobby and his team. Very professional and

thorough. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you

D. Coletti

Saturday, 19-Mar-2016, Elite

Always good, thank you Bobby.

B. Albro

Saturday, 19-Mar-2016, Elite

Absolutely excellent as always! I wouldn't take my car anywhere else! The

service that you provide is outstanding and your technicians and service

personnel are to be commended for their outstanding attention to detail and

their friendly and welcoming personalities!

G. Whalen

Friday, 18-Mar-2016, Elite

I have a very hectic schedule. I made an appointment, dropped my truck off

the night before, and picked it up at the end of the day after they'd closed.

They called and explained the fix. The work was done at a price I thought

was reasonable. I'll be back to get some other preventative measures


M. Lehman

Wednesday, 17-Feb-2016, Elite

Professional and clean.Great staff.


Monday, 01-Feb-2016, Elite

Always helpful!

L. Goldman

Saturday, 30-Jan-2016, Elite

The service provided by these talented people never fails to amaze me.

Everyone at this business is courteous, well informed, and efficient. Thank

you for being the one service provider that I can always count on!

R. Morales

Thursday, 28-Jan-2016, Elite

Our experience with Elite has been very good. They are quick, thorough ,

and their prices are fair. We feel comfortable putting our car in their hands.

L. Pucciarelli

Wednesday, 27-Jan-2016, Elite

I have had oil changes and also considerable major work on our vehicles. I

need to come into Elite in the late afternoons for oil changes, due to work

considerations. They always take care of it, and often alert me to potential

other issues. My Lexus RX350 has over 200,000 miles on it, and I still have

a lot of confidence in it. Our 98 Toyota is also still road worthy.


Friday, 08-Jan-2016, Elite

The work was done as we requested. I have always been happy with the

work done ,and very few problems.

J. Lynch

Friday, 08-Jan-2016, Elite

As usual, dealt with the problem I was having with the cooling system on on

2011 Porsche Cayman….they just know!

K. Reddy

Tuesday, 05-Jan-2016, Elite

Excellent service that will keep me coming back.


Friday, 01-Jan-2016, Elite

Prompt, courteous, excellent service. Absolutely the best!! So glad I found

Elite Auto Repair!

M. Marisi

Friday, 18-Dec-2015, Elite

Good experience!

C. Portino

Wednesday, 16-Dec-2015, Elite

Service was excellent as usual!

S. Lake

Monday, 14-Dec-2015, Elite

Being a woman it was always stressful having my car serviced. Then a

couple of years ago I found Elite Auto Repair. My stress is gone. I am

always treated with respect and I feel very comfortable with Elite's

mechanics and the quality of their work. They are upfront and honest. I

never feel like I'm being pushed into a service that I don't need. The entire

operation from top to bottom is top notch. Thank you, Elite!

R. Myers

Saturday, 12-Dec-2015, Elite

Problem was found and taken care of quickly. Staff was courteous and


H. Tillson

Friday, 11-Dec-2015, Elite

Elite is the only place I want to bring my cars.

J. Aguiar

Friday, 11-Dec-2015, Elite

Knowledgeable people that offer excellent service. I have found my car

repair shop of choice. Thank you for all you do above and beyond what is

needed. Happy Holidays!!

J. Lynch

Friday, 13-Nov-2015, Elite

Got the job done as usual!

J. Waterman

Saturday, 07-Nov-2015, Elite

Unfortunately you weren't able to repair my 2007 Chevy Tahoe because it

was a dealer issue but your staff, Ruth and Bobby, were very courteous and

helpful. I would recommend your service and would definitely come back.

Thank you,

K. Cutler

Friday, 06-Nov-2015, Elite

The service is excellent and all the employees could not be nicer and know

each customer and their cars.

P. Durfee

Tuesday, 03-Nov-2015, Elite

The people could not be nicer and the service is great. The focus definitely

is on the customer and how they can help you get back on the road. They

explain the needed repairs in plain English, and are totally transparent in

terms of how much it will cost and how long it will take. Anytime you have an

emergency or need something checked, they will go out of their way to

accommodate you. I would certainly recommend them to everyone.

D Radeka

Monday, 02-Nov-2015, Elite

They were the ONLY shop I could find that understood the issues and how to make the repair.  They kept me informed throughout the process and are professional.  I would recommend them highly.  ~ D Radeka 

Phenomenal service.  Even got in touch with owner on cell phone at night to let him know car was being towed in - he offered to try to drive it into work from m house because he lives near me if I chose.  Work has come in UNDER estimate twice.  Highly professional, highly recommended.  ~ A. Niedelman

The service has always been reliable, honest and punctual.  I cannot say enough good things about Jim and his team.  ~ R. Feder

They did a great job.  Everything was done in one day.  ~ J. Higgs

One of the main reasons we've brought our vehicles to you all these years is because of the trust we have in you. In our recent situation with our truck, this again has been proven true. We thank you for your honesty and integrity as a business owner. God will bless you for this act of kindness. We will continue to bring our business to you and will recommend you to our friends.     ~ F & D Hughes

Elite and each of its staff are efficient, clean and their services are priced reasonable.       ~ J. Beauleau


Bill and Ruth were very helpful. Dan is a master at BMW!     ~P. Tellock

Very professional. They do an excellent job at a fair price.     ~C. Rayner

Best service! I've been bringing all my cars here for at least 8 years.  ~ C. Famer

Awesome customer service! The whole team is #1 by far.            ~ T. Whalen

Extremely pleased with quality of work, time completed and communication during repairs ~ excellent!  ~ D. Thompson

Elite does an excellent job everytime. Honest!! They also inform you of items that are showing some wear but not enough to replace at the time.   ~ R. Gilchrist

Love this place!~ C. Schneider

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the recent work you did on our 2000 Volvo V70. Through the whole process your entire staff was a pleasure to deal with. You found the root of our computer/electrical problem and the car has been running great ever since you replaced the ABS sensor. Thank you for the wonderful service! We will definitely be using you for any future problems with our Volvo and won't hesitate to recommend you to others!        ~ T & J Shellard

I am a former Elite Auto Repair employee. I and we as a team always tried our best every moment of every day to do the best job possible, in a reasonable time and at a fair price. That being said, I always thought that I understood every aspect of the automotive repair industry. I no longer work in the auto repair industry and my 16 year old daughter bought a 2006 Hyundai Sonata. I drove the vehicle after the purchase and noticed that the vehicle was unstable and felt unsafe over bumps. I brought it back to the dealer she bought it from with no success as far as resolving the problem. For the first time in my life, I felt somewhat helpless when it came to the safety of a vehicle in my family. I realized that I did not know as much as I previously thought I knew about the auto repair business. I brought the vehicle to Elite as a client looking for a cost effective, timely resolution to the problem. They as a team working together found 2 bent components in the left rear suspension, barely visible to the naked eye I might add. They replaced the parts, aligned the vehicle, road tested to confirm that the vehicle was now safe to drive and delivered it to me not only repaired at a more than fair price but spotlessly clean. Looking at this from a clients point of view with my 16 year old daughters safety in question, gave me a whole new appreciation for what Jim and his team do for clients every day. Much appreciation and respect.              ~ Mark

Thank you for all the time you took with me in my search for a car. You made something that can be pretty stressful - buying a car - you made it easy. You were so willing to spend as much time as I needed, giving me so much helpful information about each of the cars I looked at.

What also made it was my previous experience with you and Elite. When I finally broke down and decided it was time to let go of the Honda, I immediately thought of you. I remembered how much I'd been impressed with the level of service and integrity at Elite. I know I could trust you, and for me that's the most important factor in buying a used car. I was being urged to shop around and I had no desire to do so. I'm very happy with the Lexus, I made my first run up to Boston and Worcester the other day and it was so nice to drive. So again, thank you for the help you provided, for being someone I can trust, and for the high quality of service you provide. Your entire team is great, everybody is so friendly and the two mechanics I spoke with, Dave and Wayne, were also willing to take all the time needed - and were very clear in explaining those things I needed to know about the Volvo and the Lexus. You can be sure that you will have my business for as long as I'm in Rhode Island.        ~ M. Lamphear

My wife and I have been a member of the Elite family since 1998 and bring all our cars only to them. Jim and his staff have always put the customers' best interest and needs first. This is the most honest and trustworthy auto repair business that we have dealt with. The staff is very knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. They treat every customer with respect and dignity. We truly look forward to doing business with Elite; knowing that they are of the highest caliber of professionalism and their work can be trusted. We highly recommend all my family and friends to Elite.  ~ S & S DeSousarosa

Excellent service, prompt and courteous. A pleasure.       ~ J. Leidecker

I have been using Elite for about three years and they do a great job. Especially for my BMW because it’s hard to find garages to work on them. They know their stuff and get things done when they say they will.    ~ A. Castiglioni

Thanks to Elite Auto Repair, my 2000 Camry with 227,500 miles has remained in great shape!      ~ T. McGunigal

The service was excellent. They were very fair and complete in everything they did. It was a pleasure to work with them. They worked with me on a time to take my car in. I would use this company again.  ~ J. Fischer

Better than the very best! I am proud to be a part of the Elite Family Experience!               ~ C. Farmer

They were able to squeeze me in and complete the work the same day - couldn't ask for better service!  ~ P. Durfee

The 'auto miracle worker'! Thank you for your help keeping my 2000 Sienna (with over 200,000 miles) on the road. We both appreciate your expertise.           ~ L. Campagna

Very helpful, competent service!               ~ J. Brown

Elite was most helpful, quick response, very professional and courteous work staff.  

~ D. Shaw

I feel I've found a good garage to go to!               ~ M. Tanenbaum

Excellent service!              ~ P. O'Neil

Was extremely please with Service! I found them on the internet and so glad I did. Very friendly and accommodating.    ~ S. Finn      

I brought my daughter's 2001 VW Golf in to you with a bad ignition misfire. Was I ever pleasantly surprised when you called to tell me that the problem was a bad ignition coil. Then you informed me that this was a problem that was under a recall from VW and VW should fix it for free! I called the dealer, and yes, they fixed it for free! You could've done the job, charged me for it and pocketed the cash. Instead, you took the time to check for recalls and saved me hundreds! You have impressed me! Say hello to your newest customer.           ~ P. Burr

Thank you so much guys!' The mini is shifting effortlessly and running beautifully. 1st rate job at a fantastic price.... what more could any car owner want?   I've found my new garage!    ~ C. Bailey

My wife and I were so impressed by the knowledge of owner.    ~ A. Vendito

Great personnel explained everything to me. A very happy customer!     ~ M. Skades

Exceptional service!        ~ T. E. Hazelhurst

 The guys were all very helpful. Nice and accommodating. We will be back and we will tell our friends. ~ J. Nermoe

Great work, great people! - C. Losek

This place is the best!  They are knowledgeable, more than fair on charges and helpful.  I'm so glad I found them. B- Brown

Love this place!  Courteous staff, excellent work!  Not enough space on this card for all the good stuff they do!  Highly recommendl  ~ J. Belisle (AAA Customer)

Over experience was a relief and pleasurable.  Thank you.  ~L. Paola      

T. Eltz

Friday, 30-Oct-2015, Elite

Its always great at Elite! And they go out of their way with the little things...

washing and vacuuming your car, picking you up if needed, etc... And this

time I had forgotten to mention a problem with my mirror, and I get in and

find it to my surprise all fixed! A great group of knowledgeable, friendly hard

working folks! Would not go anywhere else!

R. Silvia

Tuesday, 27-Oct-2015, Elite

Always professional and courteous. Fixed the issue quickly and thoroughly

S. Anderson

Monday, 26-Oct-2015, Elite

I was impressed with the fact that the parts were ordered ahead of time and

with the overall input about the car. Staff are friendly and mechanic knew

about BMW'S. I feel like I can their trust opinion and that prices are fair. An

additional bonus was that they vacuumed the car which was appreciated!


Friday, 23-Oct-2015, Elite

Very professional and through. I highly recommend Elite, to anyone and will

always use them for all my service needs.

L. Montecalvo

Tuesday, 20-Oct-2015, Elite

Everyone at Elite is wonderful and so easy to work with. I have a friend that

has been my auto mechanic for 20 years. Whenever there's a job too big for

him I always turn to Elite. The work and service is top rate and I'm always

more than pleased. The one minor issue I have is that the work is always

more expensive than the quote. Not tons more just enough to be annoying.

Yesterdays bill was about $100 more than the quote which is about 10%, by

the way, that $100 would not have lead me to find someone else to do the

job, I would have given the work to Elite anyway. It just feels questionable

when the price is always higher than the quote. That's all. I'm sure I'll still be



Thursday, 15-Oct-2015, Elite

Very pleased with service. Continues to be more budget friendly than Lexus


A. Gammons

Tuesday, 13-Oct-2015, Elite

As always The service that Elite performed was done promptly and

accurately. People that I dealt with were friendly and courteous . I

recommend them to many people.

B. Corcoran

Friday, 09-Oct-2015, Elite

Nice people to do business with, starting with the front desk receptionist.

Everyone who works there is pleasant, friendly, courteous, outgoing and

accommodating. I have recommended them to a lot of people and have

encouraged them to give Elite Auto Repair a try. I have been a long time

customer and will continue to do so. I always get my car back in a timely

manner and they even go a step further and wash and clean it inside and

out. Nice bonus surprise. Great people to do business with.

N. Tobin

Monday, 21-Sep-2015, Elite



A. Heisler

Saturday, 19-Sep-2015, Elite

I have been using Elite for over 15 years to service my vehicles. The team

at Elite is the best you will find anywhere!

C. Abbott

Tuesday, 15-Sep-2015, Elite

Always great! it there!

D. Coletti

Sunday, 13-Sep-2015, Elite

Thanks for the quick turnaround and a loaner. 

D. Losek

Friday, 04-Sep-2015, Elite

Awesome as usual!

R. Butler

Wednesday, 02-Sep-2015, Elite

We were given the usual meticulous Elite Auto attention to detail on our

service request. Jim & staff are customer first, & go above & beyond the

normal treatment given to auto service these days.

E. Parker

Sunday, 30-Aug-2015, Elite

Very upfront and honest and professional workmanship.

K. Smith

Saturday, 29-Aug-2015, Elite

Great work!

C. Losek

Thursday, 20-Aug-2015, Elite

Love you guys! honest, hardworking, and always willing to go the extra mile!

LOL :)


Tuesday, 18-Aug-2015, Elite

Excellent service always friendly and professional!

H. Anthony

Friday, 14-Aug-2015, Elite

As always the service I received at my recent visit was excellent; your staff

went to great lengths to help accommodate my needs. Thanks to all


J. Finch

Tuesday, 11-Aug-2015, Elite

Always accommodating and excellent value. Car was done on time, and all

issues were addressed. It is nice to be confident in the quality of the service

and to be comfortable knowing your car remains dependable.


Saturday, 08-Aug-2015, Elite

I made an appointment to have our car repaired, which happened to fall on

the day of the major Thunderstorm. Elite lost power for 1.5 days, but got us

in the next day. Our part was in and they were ready. The car was finished

that night and was under their estimate. Great work, as always!

J. Lynch

Saturday, 08-Aug-2015, Elite


M. Felder

Thursday, 30-Jul-2015, Elite

Service is great. The shuttle service is so helpful and so much appreciated.

The staff is consistent, friendly, personal. I'm greeted by name and feel like I

am getting "special" treatment. Yet I know that with two very old cars, the

staff must know that I am just a "regular" person. The actual work on the car

is very comprehensive. I am told of things that are mild problems now that

do not need to be taken care of yet --- and there are other times when I'm

advised to "fix it now." I never feel like the shop advises or is trying to

generate unnecessary repairs. Couldn't be more pleased!

E. Felder

Friday, 24-Jul-2015, Elite

The folks at Elite are always "spot on." -- do just what they say. Always very

thorough at their full car review, even when the car is just there for minor

repairs. Work is done right the first time. The transport service for me (I work

relatively close to Elite) is a huge help. Service is courteous. It's a real


C. Cothrun

Wednesday, 15-Jul-2015, Elite

Solid service

D. Losek

Wednesday, 15-Jul-2015, Elite

I find Elite Auto an amazing company with helpful, honest and genuine

employees who value each other and customers as family.


Friday, 10-Jul-2015, Elite

The customer service was exceptional as always! The staff is friendly,

accommodating and above all - trustworthy. We highly recommend Elite to

anyone requiring their services.

N. Tobin

Thursday, 02-Jul-2015, Elite

No other company will ever service my vehicles!

P. Durfee

Sunday, 28-Jun-2015, Elite

Technically they are tops, but the best thing about Elite is the extras they

provide. So in addition to my oil change, they gave me the latest

manufacturers recommendations, reset the car's maintenance light to reflect

those specifications, and even showed me how to do the reset if I needed to

do so in the future. That's the kind of service you don't get from anyone



Thursday, 25-Jun-2015, Elite

excellent service... very fair first time there, will be back for sure.

A. Gammons

Friday, 19-Jun-2015, Elite

Without exception, all of the people I have dealt with at Elite were courteous

and knowledgeable. They bend over backwards to keep me informed of

problems and they are great at the effort they do to fit MY schedule when I

am taking a last minute trip. until I "found" Elite two years ago, I had always

serviced my Volvo xc 90 at a dealership. No longer as Elite has the

knowledge and skill to do the work faster and with better pricing. It is a

pleasure doing business with them.

M. Crowley

Tuesday, 16-Jun-2015, Elite

I have a vw. The check engine light came on. They didn't quit on it until they

found the problem. The staff explained what they were doing so even I

would understand . The team at Elite auto was knowledgeable and

professional. They made my stressful situation a piece of cake!

D. Colapietro

Saturday, 13-Jun-2015, Elite

As usual all work done to expectations and in quick time !

L. Goldman

Friday, 05-Jun-2015, Elite

This team is best in the business! Everyone is courteous, professional and

extremely helpful. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!!!

G. Masiello

Thursday, 21-May-2015, Elite

Great help with issues.

B. Thibodeau

Thursday, 21-May-2015, Elite

Jim and his team have been going above and beyond to save me money

and do the repairs right. I'm extremely satisfied with my overall experience

with Elite so far.

C. Paquette

Friday, 15-May-2015, Elite

The employees go beyond what is expected by cleaning floor mats and

windows out of courtesy. Dan the technician was very kind and thorough in

explaining what was inspected. Prices for some maitenence services are

quite expensive, although it should be expected when the technicians are

qualified to work on a customer base that includes some serious luxury and

sport vehicles.

C. Pensa

Friday, 15-May-2015, Elite

Elite Auto Repair is the best company I have ever used to work on my car.

Last time they informed me that my tires could go further.I had ordered 4

new tires, and felt that I should change my current ones. They assured me

that they could return the tires. I appreciate their honesty.

D. Quagan

Wednesday, 13-May-2015, Elite

First class operation.

L. Hughes

Tuesday, 12-May-2015, Elite

I'm not taking my cars anywhere else!

S. Fontes

Tuesday, 12-May-2015, Elite

Great service!

K. Pereira

Monday, 11-May-2015, Elite

Great place, I would definitely return and recommend to a friend.


Tuesday, 31-Mar-2015, Elite

Good service!

B. Thibodeau

Tuesday, 31-Mar-2015, Elite

First impression was excellent after asking for an estimate for my insurance

company. They had a very fast turn around and got me all the info I needed.

I plan on having my Porsche serviced with Elite for all repairs and



Tuesday, 31-Mar-2015, Elite

Good service!

B. Bowie

Saturday, 28-Mar-2015, Elite

There was a technical problem with my Toyota Avalon: the daytime running

lights would not turn off. I arrived at Elite unannounced and received service

nonetheless. The mechanics did a temporary fix so that I could use the car

over the weekend and the part could be ordered. The following week the

new part came in and the technical problem was resolved. I was especially

pleased with getting into a nice clean car. Thank You.

J. Adams

Monday, 04-Aug-2014, Elite

Always feel better when leaving knowing that the car has been thoroughly checked out and running properly.


Wednesday, 30-Jul-2014, Elite

This is the third time we have used the services here. The staff is friendly,

polite and professional. We will return for any other needs for our Volvo.

Thank you.


Wednesday, 23-Jul-2014, Elite

They have never let me down.  First class operation.

R. Pagano

Wednesday, 23-Jul-2014, Elite

I have had my car serviced at other repair shops but they never were able

to fix it properly. When I first went to Elite I met Mark and found him to be

extremely knowledgeable. Not only did he explain the problems, he took the

time to actually educate me as to what they were, and what they were going

to do to repair my car and why. I never had that kind of service anywhere. I

own a 2002 Volvo S80 and after having it repaired recently at Elite it is

running better than ever. You guys are great. I will definately recommend

Elite to my family, friends, and coworkers.

D. Patel

Tuesday, 22-Jul-2014, Elite

Ruth was wonderful as usual... Thanks for the ride to get my rental

N. Campagna

Friday, 18-Jul-2014, Elite

The front service is always great. I'm never left with any questions. The

chauffeur option is a huge plus. The informative print outs are great. I trust

that the work is done right and for a fair price. The shop is clean and

organized. Thanks.

D. Shaw

Tuesday, 15-Jul-2014, Elite

Prompt attention to the problem, and very friendly and professional staff!

R. Paranto

Friday, 11-Jul-2014, Elite



Wednesday, 09-Jul-2014, Elite

I completely trust Elite Auto. They do only the work that is required. For

instance, recently our engine light came on, and I dropped the car off

expecting to learn it was going to be an expensive fix. However, they called

me a couple hours later to say the problem was simply that the gas cap was

loose from the last time we filled the tank. And the best part was they didn't

charge me (I guess my embarrassment was payment enough!) In all

seriousness, they are the best!!

M. Kazarian

Monday, 07-Jul-2014, Elite

Thank you!

J. Nelson

Sunday, 06-Jul-2014, Elite

Very professiona and only provide needed repairs after consultation with

me about potential prices. I have been going here for years and they are

always very friendly and accommodating.

J. Friedman

Tuesday, 24-Jun-2014, Elite

Fantastic service! First of all every single person I spoke to, smiled, and

listened to what I had to say. Their customer services trainer is outstanding.

Second the work done to my car was exactly what I needed, no more and

no less at a very affordable rate. I came in to have the handle replaced on

my Sequoia's back hatch. The dealership down the street wanted $800 to

take apart the door and fix it. Elite did it for $250 and in less time. I am a

customer for life!

E. Jacques

Tuesday, 24-Jun-2014, Elite

I find them very responsive to appointments, to the point about what needs

to be done (Ruth is great explaining things) and prices are "within normal

range". I like that I can wait for the car for a quick oil change and they wash

the car when they are done- great for customer loyalty.

D. Baud

Sunday, 22-Jun-2014, Elite

Very good service and attention to the details. Determined the problem,

quoted the work to be done and scheduled the work for close future date.

C. Hanson

Saturday, 21-Jun-2014, Elite

As always, I am greeted and welcomed by your team. Service is good and I

will alwas come back. I've given your card and highly recommended you to

friends and strangers.

J. McNamee

Saturday, 21-Jun-2014, Elite

As always very professional service. Work was performed as expected and

the car looked show room clean when I picked it up. Great job!

W. Ciccone

Saturday, 21-Jun-2014, Elite

In for a minor repair (flat tire)  I received fast and efficient service.

R. Silvia

Wednesday, 18-Jun-2014, Elite

Total respect and professionalism from all of the employees. My element

was looked through thoroughly and all needed repairs were explained

simply and in detail. The car was adjusted but not exactly to their

satisfaction, so they requested to keep it overnight to diagnose and correct it

further. Price was reasonable and to my surprise, the car was washed when

I picked it up. I have a new auto repair shop! Thanks for earning my trust

and the great work.

P. Caddeus

Sunday, 15-Jun-2014, Elite

Great service.

A. Kaw

Saturday, 14-Jun-2014, Elite

Honest and truthfull assessment of my car's condition.


Thursday, 12-Jun-2014, Elite


R. Gilchrest

Tuesday, 03-Jun-2014, Elite

As always excellent service at great prices.


Friday, 30-May-2014, Elite

I love Elite Auto - they have alot of integrity and the quality of work is outstanding!

A. Deschamps

Friday, 30-May-2014, Elite

We brought our car to Elite Auto Repair based on a strong recommendation

from a family member. In my past experiences that kind of a

recommendation can lead to disappointment, not in this case however.

Excellent job, fair price and professional from beginning to end.

P. Harrington

Friday, 23-May-2014, Elite

Very nice people.

J. Bowser

Thursday, 15-May-2014, Elite

Fine service, reasonably priced.  Will return again.

P. McConnell

Tuesday, 06-May-2014, Elite

An unusually pleasant experience. A friendly atmosphere with

knowledgeable service that doesn't leave the impression that you're being

ripped off. My car drives (and looks!) great after each visit.

C. Fusco

Monday, 05-May-2014, Elite

Great service!

M. Crevier

Wednesday, 30-Apr-2014, Elite

Great service at a fair price as has been the case for the 10 + years that we

have been bringing all three of our cars to Elite !!

R. Doire

Tuesday, 29-Apr-2014, Elite

Went for my first PCA tech inspection. Jim came to meet me in person and

explained the process. they took care of me while I waited and for no

charge. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent experience overall.

Will return for service when needed. Thank you to Jim and the staff at Elite



Saturday, 26-Apr-2014, Elite

Could not be happier with the people and the excellent service.

S. Johnson

Wednesday, 23-Apr-2014, Elite

I always feel confident with the guidance and work you do on my car is like you are taking care of your own car.

C. Hanson

Wednesday, 23-Apr-2014, Demandforce

As always, my visit was met with friendly staff and the service was done with the excellence I know I can trust in.  I'm so glad I found you so many years ago.  I recommend you often - even to strangers..

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